I was fine until I hugged them both goodbye… then the tears started falling! The last five months, despite all the craziness, has been such a gift and a wish come true to have all our children at home “just a little longer.” We had so much fun together!

We went back and forth all summer on whether or not to send the boys back to Christendom College again this year, and then whether to have them fly or drive… We had flights, booked but on Wednesday (Aug 12th) we changed plans and decided to send them with a vehicle at the last minute. Our little ones all woke up extra early Friday morning (Aug 14th) so they could say goodbye just before the boys hit the road to travel from the West Coast all the way over to the East Coast. We already miss them so much! 

2700+ miles, 16 states, and approximately 42 hours plus stops = four days on the road! 
I kept a close eye on “find my phone” all day every day and they were also great about staying in touch and sending pictures to all of us back here at home… 
They said I could share some of the pictures with you all!

.: Day One – Aug 14th :.
Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
“This was a nice spontaneous little stop! Had NO clue that we would be passing this on our route and when John and I saw the signs we HAD to stop by!!”

.: Day Two – Aug 15th :. 
South Dakota, Nebraska

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

.: Sunday Break – Aug 16th :. 
Holy Mass and Spending the Day with Friends
Catholic Church in the Middle of a Corn Field

Sure love seeing these “kids” together again! When they were all younger we had so many great adventures together: Crater Lakemany trips to the Oregon Coast, Grand Tetons, and more! 
.: Day Three – Aug 17th :. 
Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky

Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

… and a picture of THE DOOR!
From Deep in the Archives: *Almost* Excommunicated
The Gateway Arch

.: Day Four – Aug 18th :. 
Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia
They made it!!

John was supposed to arrive at Christendom last Sunday night for soccer camp starting this pst Monday (his flight was supposed to be the 16th and James was going to follow on the 22nd) tomorrow and James’ was next Saturday) but the coaches said it was fine if he arrived a day or two late… James however was not allowed to stay on campus until Saturday, so after dropping John off he headed back to Maryland to spend four nights with his cousins. 

The boys are now both settled in their new dorm rooms. Classes begin on Tuesday!📚 

Holy Mother Mary, 
Who by virtue of your divine motherhood, 
Hast become mother of us all, 
I place the charge which God has given me, 
under your loving protection. 
Be a Protecting Mother to my children. 
Guard their bodies and 
keep them in health and strength. 
Guard their minds and keep their thoughts 
ever holy in the sight of their Creator and God. 
Guard their hearts and keep them pure 
and strong and happy in the love of God. 
Guard always their souls and ever preserve in them, 
faithfully, the glorious image of God 
whom they received in Holy Baptism. 
Always Mother, protect them 
and keep them under your Mothering care. 
Supply in your all-wise motherhood, 
for my poor human deficiencies 
and protect them from all evil. 
Queen of the Most Holy Family, pray for us!


  1. Meagan Daoust

    What a fun post! I love seeing their point of view and feeling their excitement of adventure. They will remember it forever! Sidenote. My father is the world biggest Colonel Custer fan out there (had the entire battle in miniature in his basement) but my family never traveled. He would watch the live cam at the monument just too look at the battlefield. We made it there while traveling to Montana a few years ago and he was able to see us on the live cam at the monument.

    2020-08-24 00:55:58

  2. joyful28

    GREAT post, great pictures, THANK YOU LORD for their great trip and these great young men will make a wonderful impact on our world. God bless them and your family.

    2020-08-24 02:15:43

  3. Erica

    We loved having them stay. Wish we could see you all more frequently!!!!!

    2020-08-24 02:18:14

  4. Carla

    Great post! They came through St Louis!!! Thats where we are!

    2020-08-24 02:49:59

  5. Chandra

    My heart is with you! My oldest daughter just left for freshman year in college….in Florida. (We live in Washington State). I hear you on the tears, and how nice it was to have everyone together a little bit longer. However, what a lovely way to send your boys off. This will be an amazing memory they will have for years to come. In this strange, separated year, it is nice to have something like this trip to remember the blessings in our lives. I hope your boys have a wonderful year at Christendom. May they stay healthy and strong, and learn so much. I wish them all the best, in friendships, academics, faith, and everything that college can offer. God bless you and your family.

    2020-08-24 03:14:30

  6. Melanie

    Woooaaahhh… we were at the arch on August 17th! We were traveling through St Louis, and Indiana, you can look on my Facebook page, LOL. Am I saw their pictures of the arch and I thought wouldn't it be funny if we were in St Louis the exact same time they were in St Louis? How crazy is that?

    2020-08-24 12:20:10

  7. Rachel

    Oh, I love this post! I graduated from Christendom many years ago . . . more than I care to admit! I have so many wonderful memories of my time there! It holds a very special place in my heart. (Doesn't hurt that I met my husband there either!) I'm so glad that your boys arrived safely and had such a great road trip.

    2020-08-24 14:52:41

  8. Mary S Pinheiro

    What a lovely post of your sweet babies making it safely. I have a feeling you must be a proud mother (and your husband, too) that your children are so close and that they can share these moments together! They will never forget this road trip! Ave Maria!

    2020-08-24 18:06:08

  9. Nancy Trauernicht

    Thank you for sharing these great photos. Such fine young and responsible lads.

    2020-08-24 18:58:38

  10. Guest

    Have a blessed year and may the Holy Spirit guide you!

    2020-08-25 11:03:31

  11. Erin

    What memories for them! and so handy to have a car on campus. I have NEVER forgotten THAT DOOR story, lol!!

    2020-08-25 22:08:01


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