Bible Stories for Baby Hands

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This past week I had an unexpected package arrive from St. Augustine Academy Press and was absolutely delighted when I opened it up and discovered this gorgeous brand new set of Bible Stories for Baby Hands. These board books will make a perfect addition to our little ones Easter Baskets next month and I wanted to share them with you all right away so you can order them for your family too. Filled with traditional religious art, these beautiful board books will truly inspire our children! 


Each book is available separately for just $7.95 each, or save 15% by purchasing the whole set

“The color lithographs on each page are based on engravings by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld for his 1860 Bible in Pictures. Each one is meant to dramatically encapsulate the story it represents, so that by simply pointing to elements in the picture, an adult can easily tell the story to the child. Therefore, for the youngest children, the pictures alone suffice.

However, we have not neglected to add text. Beneath each illustration is a quote from scripture that pertains to the story that is depicted above. Then, as the child gets older, the full story behind each picture is provided.”

“For the Old Testament books, the original scripture passages were usually far too long, so we did our best to write them in language that fit with the others; however, we tried to include quotes and phraseology from scripture where possible. Many of these Old Testament stories include prefigurements of Christ, so we wove this into the text, mentioning how these characters tell us something about Jesus.”

“For the New Testament books, we chose to take the text directly from scripture. Sometimes this required paraphrasing portions in order to fit the full story. We smoothed the vocabulary and syntax in a few places, only where necessary to make it understandable for younger ears; otherwise we allowed the power of the original text to shine through.”

Click over to St. Augustine Academy Press to see more and to order a set of your own
.: Giveaway :. 
St. Augustine Academy Press has generously offered a few sets for me to give away, one to a commenter on this blog post, another over on Instagram (be sure to keep an eye out for it), and one in my upcoming annual Baskets of Books for Easter post! To enter here on the blog for this first set, simply leave a comment on this post and claim your entry through the Rafflecopter box below. Share this post with a friend and/or on your social media account for a bonus entry. Thank you for helping spread the word about this new series! 


  1. Tana

    These books are gorgeous! Too bad I don't have a baby, niece, nephew, or God child to give these to.

    2021-03-02 18:49:28

  2. caseltzer

    If I do not win, I'm still going to order these. Lovely! Finally – respectful, beautiful board books!

    2021-03-02 18:52:08

  3. Erin

    I love everything they have in their catalog. These look beautiful!

    2021-03-02 18:53:53

  4. Dianne

    I love our faith! These books truly reflect that beauty!

    2021-03-02 19:55:12

  5. Emmcc

    These are beautiful and would be perfect gifts for little godchildren!

    2021-03-02 19:57:00

  6. Christine Jemming

    Beautiful books!

    2021-03-02 20:10:40

  7. Elizabeth

    Beautiful books, prefect for Easter baskets

    2021-03-02 20:14:04

  8. Cindy

    So beautiful! Thank you for spreading the word about them.

    2021-03-02 20:14:23

  9. giselle

    These are beautiful, thank you!

    2021-03-02 21:13:40

  10. Amanda

    Beautiful Books!!😍

    2021-03-02 20:55:43

  11. Juliana B

    I ordered a set already to gift but would love to have a set.

    2021-03-02 22:16:56

  12. Ann Hamilton

    would love to read to grandchildren!

    2021-03-02 22:52:43

  13. Sarah H.

    These are so neat and beautiful!! <3 I'm a mother's helper/nanny now to a couple catholic families with little children and babies and I would love to be able to give these to them or to have them for my future children, God willing. I'm always so excited to find wonderful Catholic books for little children that will teach the Faith!

    2021-03-02 22:58:54

  14. Kim


    2021-03-02 23:00:57

  15. Teresa

    I was just lamenting the fact that all our little people get for art is cartoon characters. What a joy to see true beauty for the littlest among us! We would treasure a set.

    2021-03-02 23:06:54

  16. Kelly

    These are beautiful!

    2021-03-02 23:35:07

  17. Stefanie Rice

    Beautiful books my littles would love!

    2021-03-03 01:09:24

  18. Kathryn B

    These are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!

    2021-03-03 01:21:47

  19. Anna

    I'd love to have these!

    2021-03-03 01:41:07

  20. Jill L

    These are so beautiful. The art work is amazing!

    2021-03-03 03:31:32

  21. Sarah Bjorgaard

    Wow interesting! I really like the "The Saving Name of God the Son" and other (can't remember name" one of those board books from Bethlehem books, especially because of the icons in them, but these are neat too!

    2021-03-03 03:34:08

  22. Terra

    The paintings are beautiful and the series looks wonderful. I don't have any young ones to give these to, so let someone else win.

    2021-03-03 04:07:09

  23. Rocio

    How exciting! I like what they said about having the OT text easy to understand.

    2021-03-03 04:30:16

  24. Alexis

    Tonight, I was looking here specifically for Easter basket ideas and wow! You never disappoint, Jessica. These are so beautiful and will make treasured gifts. My children are very young, but I already want to purchase a set for future grandchildren. 🙂

    2021-03-03 05:03:18

  25. Colleen

    These are beautiful!

  26. Jenny

    These are beautiful!

  27. julie

    I love St. Augustine Academy Press! These look like beautiful books!

    2021-03-03 05:13:22

  28. Karen

    They are beautiful! I am sure our children will love them!

    2021-03-03 12:54:24

  29. Karyn Sweet

    Those are gorgeous! St Augustine Academy Press has been on the roll with the awesome books.

    2021-03-03 13:09:56

  30. Barb

    These are beautiful! My children would love these!

    2021-03-03 14:11:49

  31. Betsy

    Oh, these are really beautiful.

    2021-03-03 14:25:22

  32. Jessica Gordon

    Yes! That is a favorite here too along with God the Father's Loving Plan. I keep hoping for a third release in that series!

    2021-03-03 15:30:07

  33. Maria A

    St. Augustine Academy Press does it again! These are gorgeous. I also love their warrior stories for little boys book.

    2021-03-03 15:42:49

  34. Shaina

    Gorgeous board books!

    2021-03-03 15:58:11

  35. MaryLiz

    These look so great! They are definitely going on our book list.

    2021-03-03 16:04:02

  36. Marion

    The books are beautiful. Marion

    2021-03-03 19:25:26

  37. Donita Say

    I love children's books with such beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing the information.

    2021-03-03 21:41:39

  38. Allison Lunsford

    These are such beautiful books! Thank you for the giveaway!

    2021-03-03 22:22:11

  39. Mark

    Just heavenly

    2021-03-03 22:51:40

  40. Christina

    These look beautiful!

    2021-03-03 23:24:51

  41. Emily Bot

    I love these and will be ordering them!

    2021-03-04 00:50:34

  42. An Lyn

    Thanks for bringing these books to my attention, they are wonderful! God bless you all.

    2021-03-04 01:08:50

  43. Jennifer Barbosa

    These are just exceptionally beautiful! What a wonderful inspiration for little ones!

    2021-03-04 12:28:53

  44. Nancy

    These are beautiful! Catholics have the best religious art.

    2021-03-04 14:49:40

  45. elizabeth


    2021-03-04 20:03:00

  46. Cheryl@SewCanDo

    These are stunning. I was trying to figure out what to put in the baskets for my 1 & almost 3yr old and needing more faith-themed items to keep them busy at Mass and then saw this post. Wonderful – thank you!!

    2021-03-04 23:48:31

  47. Sarah

    These look wonderful. I love children's books with traditional art instead of cartoony images of Jesus….and they are hard to find!

    2021-03-05 20:06:54

  48. Ava

    Would love to buy these or better yet win them! Thank you for the chance to!

    2021-03-05 20:46:29

  49. Elizabeth

    Such lovely books!

    2021-03-05 21:10:14

  50. Melanie

    Beautiful….love St. Augustine.

    2021-03-06 01:29:46

  51. Amelia

    Ooo, I have been looking for just this sort of board book for years! Definitely going on the list for my kids, plus for baptisms, etc. down the road.

    2021-03-06 01:53:48

  52. Adeline

    What an excellent idea by St. Augustine Augustine Academy Press. I'm a big fan of board books. I would love these for my children.

    2021-03-06 04:02:38

  53. Wilson

    BEAUTIFUL books for my girls!!

    2021-03-07 21:15:08

  54. Patty

    So beautiful! Perfect for my grandbabies!

    2021-03-07 21:46:35

  55. Amanda Valenza

    Love the beautiful artwork in these books. So lovely for little ones!

    2021-03-07 23:14:30

  56. Mimi G

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    2021-03-08 15:39:37

  57. Isaura Delgado

    Not sure if I did it right. I'm use to participate trough Instagram, not the blog. But thank you any way, this is so amazing. We will love this collection at home❤

    2021-03-08 21:10:16

  58. Rae

    So beautiful! I’ve been trying to decide what to put in my 9 month old’s Easter basket – this looks like a winner!

    2021-03-09 14:33:15

  59. A.F.

    OOH! So perfect for Easter baskets! Thanks!

    2021-03-09 15:20:56

  60. Dee

    These are beautiful books for children. Thank you for the giveaway.

    2021-03-09 16:05:22

  61. kaycee

    Beautiful books!

    2021-03-10 02:50:21

  62. Jennifer M

    Pretty books! Thank you for telling us about them.

    2021-03-10 08:00:11

  63. Dbwife

    Beautiful books! I would love to own them and pour over them with our children. Thank you for sharing! Thank you to St. Augustine Academy Press for publishing! What a beautiful faith we've been given! ❤

    2021-03-11 02:12:14


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