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by | Jan 31, 2015 | Books, Giveaway | 71 comments

Do you want to become saints? 
Here is the secret: confession is the lock; confidence in your confessor is the key. This is how you open heaven’s gates.
~ St. John Bosco

In honor of today’s feast of St. John Bosco, one of author Nancy Carabio Belangers favorite saints, Harvey House Publishing has offered to send TWO of my visitors here at Shower of Roses an autographed copy of The Gate! 

The Gate is the third novel for Young Adults written by Nancy Carabio Belanger, sharing a message on the dignity of the Catholic priesthood and God’s calling for each of us. In addition to receiving the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval, The Gate was awarded first-place winner for Best Catholic Novel in the 2014 Catholic Press Association Book Awards! Our oldest son received a copy of The Gate in his Easter Basket last year.  
The Gate
For smart-aleck Josh, being a Christian in the eighth grade is completely irrelevant, especially with the temptations that middle school can bring. For him, life is all about playing video games, getting money, and causing trouble. He doesn’t need anybody and he makes his own rules. When his teacher assigns a pen-pal project, Josh meets Pie, a spunky senior citizen with a love of his Catholic faith, Saint John Bosco, and the New York Yankees. But much to Josh’s surprise, Pie creates his own project for Josh, and Josh realizes that God has a plan—even for him.

In this inspiring novel that radiates the dignity of the priesthood and the discovery of God’s calling for each of us, Josh is shocked to find himself fighting hard on a spiritual battlefield, but often for the wrong side. As the friendship with his new mentor deepens, Josh learns that God has more in store for him than he could have ever imagined.

I’ve included the Amazon link above so you can read additional reviews, but The Gate can be ordered directly from Harvey House Publishing with optional inscriptions from the author at no additional charge and FREE standard shipping. Click here to place an order!

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Trust all things to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary, Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are.
~ St. John Bosco


  1. sarah

    wow! i've read about this book and wanted to pick it up for my son. 🙂

    2015-01-31 18:42:48

  2. luzaideth schulte

    I am so excited about this! I just saw this book on the CHC website and caught my attention, I am always in pursuit of good reads for the kids, my role model has always been Don Bosco, as a teenager he captivate it me and now as a teacher he continues to guide me, Don Bosco helped me with my husband's convertion to Catholicism and helped him broke the chains of his past so I hope for my son to look up to Don Bosco and this story, i am sure not just him,but my husband and I even the girls will love to have your book it just seems to,fit perfectly with our journey.
    Luzaideth schulte

    2015-01-31 18:51:00

  3. Christy

    I would love this for my son!

    2015-01-31 18:56:32

  4. Janette

    Always looking for good Catholic fiction! I visited the website.

    2015-01-31 18:58:45

  5. Patty V

    My girls have read the first Olivia book. Written so well!!! I love how the kids get so wrapped up in it!

    2015-01-31 19:01:35

  6. Wendy

    It is great to see new Catholic books that inspire! Would love to read this aloud with the kids!

    2015-01-31 19:04:06

  7. Marcela

    It would be a great addition to our home library!

    2015-01-31 19:06:52

  8. MaryRuth

    I just put together a list of good middle school books for boys. I am happy to read this and add it to my blogpost! Thanks for sharing… and maybe just maybe I will win something !

    2015-01-31 19:17:58

  9. Angela

    What a great idea for a book for our boys and young of today to read. I am glad to have learned of this book.

    2015-01-31 19:41:22

  10. Shannon

    Thanks for the chance to win this book!

    2015-01-31 19:43:01

  11. Laura G.

    I just love your giveaways. I do not yet have this book, but it looks soooo good. I think my kids would love it as well. It just seems so difficult to find good catholic books for older kids.

    2015-01-31 19:51:40

  12. Amy

    My oldest is just the right age to dip into Belanger's books. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

    2015-01-31 20:40:27

  13. Toni

    I would love to have this book for my children!

    2015-01-31 20:52:44

  14. Tracy R

    So excited to see good Catholic books that inspire the older kid crowd. We definitely need more of them.

    2015-01-31 20:55:18

  15. Mary

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book!

    2015-01-31 22:20:39

  16. Kristi

    Thank you for a chance to win this book, it looks great!

    2015-01-31 22:52:31

  17. Sue

    Thank you for the chance to win! We'd love this book so much.

    2015-01-31 23:25:00

  18. Lorie

    Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the chance to win!

    2015-01-31 23:36:47

  19. pam

    I think my son would love this book.St John Bosco is one of his favorite saints.

    2015-02-01 00:02:33

  20. Erika

    I didn't know these books existed…..thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    2015-02-01 01:04:23

  21. Christine M.

    I look forward to my daughters reading the Olivia books when they are older, and this book looks great too. Thanks for the opportunity! God bless!

    2015-02-01 01:17:59

  22. Pamela

    Thank you for the chance to win The Gate, I am building a catholic library for my 2 month old twin grand daughters.

    2015-02-01 02:23:07

  23. katie

    Looks like a great book! Would love to be entered in Raffle! Thanks!

    2015-02-01 03:29:51

  24. Tracy Bua Smith

    What a great book for a giveaway for St. John Bosco's feast day! It sounds like a great read! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    2015-02-01 04:20:35

  25. anna

    That would be a great book to add to our family library!

    2015-02-01 04:22:25

  26. mamacre8s

    Great giveaway – thanks for offering it!

    2015-02-01 05:20:53

  27. Cristina

    I have been wanting to buy this book for my kids. Thanks for the raffle!

    2015-02-01 05:21:49

  28. Piper

    This book sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!

    2015-02-01 05:36:33

  29. Katie

    Thanks for the referral to this Catholic Company.

    2015-02-01 05:44:02

  30. Barbara

    Thank you for this, Jessica.

    2015-02-01 11:02:22

  31. jjcaraway

    This book sounds like an awesome read. My nephew has been thinking of wanting to become a priest and I think this would be a great book for him.

    2015-02-01 11:38:15

  32. Michelle

    This sounds like a great book…thanks for sharing it with us!

    2015-02-01 12:38:11

  33. Jennifer N

    This has been on my wish list for a long while. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    2015-02-01 14:04:57

  34. Stephanie G.

    So thankful for authors like Nancy Carabio Belanger.

    2015-02-01 14:54:16

  35. Samantha

    Bless you for sharing your lovely Christmas photos and always sharing wonderful Catholic faith-filled titles with us. Samantha Lehmann

    2015-02-01 15:09:07

  36. Angie W

    My girls have and enjoy both Olivia books and have recommended them to friends. Would love to win this one, as well!

    2015-02-01 17:26:44

  37. Teresa P.

    My daughter read Olivia's gift in 3 days -the fastest she has ever read a book. She couldn't put it down. After she finished, she wanted to use her own money (she's 11) to buy Olivia and the Little Way. This author is wonderful. I think my children would really enjoy this book also. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    2015-02-01 18:12:30

  38. Kristin

    This looks great for my 9th grade son (and all the other children after him). I love finding recommendations for good Catholic literature!!

    2015-02-01 21:12:00

  39. Kathryn

    Thank you for the giveaway and for mentioning a new book to read!

    2015-02-01 21:12:07

  40. Sherri

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! God bless you!

    2015-02-01 22:27:39

  41. Christina

    Thanks for your inspiring blog! "Shower of Roses" gets mentioned frequently among my mother and sisters and I!

    2015-02-02 00:35:31

  42. Melissa Foote

    Thank you, Jessica! I came to spend time on your blog to get ideas for February feast days. Better get back to it!

    2015-02-02 01:24:14

  43. krisvog

    I came here tonight looking for Lenten activities in the archives and found a give-away. Thank you and God bless!

    2015-02-02 02:13:55

  44. Melissa

    I've been wanting to get this for my sons!

    2015-02-02 02:52:23

  45. joyfilledfamily

    lovely book

    2015-02-02 03:22:12

  46. Kathy C.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

    2015-02-02 05:44:52

  47. monica

    Would you recomend it for a 9y/o?

    2015-02-02 08:08:31

  48. Elizabeth

    Thanks, would love a chance to win this book.

    2015-02-02 13:39:01

  49. Joanne

    My daughter loved the Olivia books. The Gate looks great too!

    2015-02-02 15:43:32

  50. Tamalyn L.

    This looks great for my 12 year old son – thanks for offering the chance to win!

    2015-02-02 16:18:42

  51. MamaE

    My 9yo boy devoured this book. He has been quoting scripture from it for weeks. I bought it after reading your Olivia recommendations. If we win it, my boy will keep the autographed copy and give his copy to a friend. He goes to a private, protestant school so it'll be fun if he gets to give his copy to one of his Calvinist friends. Haha.

    2015-02-02 16:18:50

  52. Monica

    This would be a great book for my children to read. Thanks for the giveaway.

    2015-02-02 18:26:36

  53. lauren

    Oh! This has been on my amazon list for a long time! I'd love to win it 🙂 Thanks!

    2015-02-02 19:31:02

  54. Stephanie in Germany

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jessica.

    2015-02-02 20:45:58

  55. Jennifer

    We hope to get our hands on one of these books someday. I wish our library carried them. Thanks for the chance to win one!

    2015-02-02 20:48:31

  56. Tanya

    A friend shared this on FB. What a lovely opportunity for a great book! Thanks!

    2015-02-03 00:36:06

  57. Maria

    I would love to read this myself!

    2015-02-03 01:03:25

  58. Maureen

    It can be hard to find quality books for my boys. Thank you for introducing me to Harvey House and The Gate.

    2015-02-03 14:50:52

  59. Victoria

    Perfect for my boys! I am always trying to find good books, not just "good" as in a "good read", but "good" as in wholesome, with a purpose or lesson. I always look to your blog for ideas—thank you for this one!!!

    2015-02-03 16:18:42

  60. tammy cordery

    The Olivia books sound great for my daughter. The Gate sounds good too. I am trying to find good quality books for her to read.

    2015-02-03 17:40:11

  61. Frances

    This is an excellent book! We purchased an autographed copy for our son's birthday. We were so grateful that the author was willing to write in it for us. It made it a very special gift.

    2015-02-03 18:42:18

  62. Colleen

    My daughter has been asking for this. Thank you !

    2015-02-03 21:03:55

  63. Bethany

    Would love to win this book!

    2015-02-04 04:21:22

  64. Teresa

    Thank you for the chance to win the book. Based off all of the comments and visiting the publisher's site, I'm going to have to buy the series. My children will love these! Thanks again for the giveaway and all of the wonderful work you put into sharing your very Catholic life with all of us readers!

    2015-02-06 16:59:16

  65. Kerry Lang

    This looks very intersting! Love your site 🙂

    2015-02-06 23:57:22

  66. Veronica

    Sounds like a great book for my cce students, I would love to add it to our collection.

    2015-02-07 00:12:13

  67. Kate

    This looks wonderful!

    2015-02-07 00:23:53

  68. ann

    This looks like a great book that my children will love!

    2015-02-07 01:32:48

  69. Susan

    Looks like a great book! Thanks for the chance to win!

    2015-02-07 02:36:30

  70. Molly

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. We would love to have the book.

    2015-02-07 05:11:03


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